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Learn a new tongue at Provence inn

"I highly recommend Parlons en Provence for improving French conversational skills and experiencing the cuisine and culture of Provence" in a country setting.

Magali Viven, a native French speaker and teacher, and her husband, Colin Ward, a Brit who speaks fluent French, run this unique enterprise in their home near Avignon. Everyone is convivial, making even a novice speaker feel comfortable and capable."

Mary M. Rodocker, Palo Alto
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San Francisco Chronicle

"Quand je suis arrivé en septembre, j'étais très inquiet de parler français mais après deux semaines, j'étais à l'aise. Magali rend le cours à la fois stimulant et intéressant avec des leçons, des conversations et des visites intéressantes au marché, aux musées et aux points d’intérêt ... tout en français, bien sûr. J'ai hâte de revenir cet été." Caroline, Octobre 2018


"Chère Magali, nous avons passé une bonne semaine et nous avons appris beaucoup de français. Aussi nous avons bien mangé chez vous. Et nous remercions à vos parents René et Michèle aussi. Merci de nous accueillir dans une manière si gentille. Espérons que nous puissions revenir un jour !" Marit et Loretta, Septembre 2017


“Merci fort, Magali, pour cette semaine phénomènale, que j’ai eu la chance de passer sous votre enseignement. Je me sens vraiment avoir été introduit au sud de la France et aussi que mon français s’est bien amélioré et qu’il continue à s’améliorer depuis cette expérience." Merci beaucoup, Amicalement, Nicholas 2015

Why not take the Boules by the horns and learn French


French is spoken throughout the day, in class and at mealtimes, which is certainly one of the most valuable aspects of the experience. Almost as valuable is Magali's firm but friendly teaching methods. And encouragingly, you do get a real sense that your individual progress in her native tongue is something that Magali cares passionately about.

.....; you are getting immersion without any real hardship, or indeed a huge effort, and because you are so relaxed your mind is more open to learning.


Terry Kelleher
Irish Independent


“St Rémy will always be at the top of the list,” Lorraine, 2013


 “Thank you *10! You have had a hard job with us. But we are learning !! You are a very good + patient teacher. We know your favourite word is “attention ! ”. It is amazing in 2 weeks how far we have come. You have installed in us much confidence + a continued interest  to learn français ! We shall return."  Patti, 2013


"Merci pour tout, Magali ! Vous êtes un très bon professeur ! je me suis régalée!

J'attends avec impatience le prochain cours ! Merci ! Merci ! Merci ! Magdalena, 2013

Word Perfect

Colin Derwick stayed at Parlons en Provence, a family-run centre, 20 minutes south of Avignon. Colin explains: 'I was at about GCSE standard and found the course improved my ability to understand French in a social and friendly atmosphere. The tuition itself was very clear and, because it was a small class, individual problems could be addressed. Speaking continuously in French allowed valuable practice. I enjoyed taking part in the visits to Provençal villages and all the other organised activities'.

Jane Bayliss writing for Living France

“Thank you so much for your help. You have been very patient.” Elaine and David, 2013


"I had such an amazing week with you at Parlons en Provence. From the moment I first found you on the internet, I knew that your program was going to be perfect for me ! I enjoyed your professional manner, while at the same time I felt very et home and very at ease with your style...........I love the French language and I am grateful to have found you to help me awaken my speaking abilities. Anne, 2012


" J’ai passé une belle semaine chez vous. Vous avez une unique méthode d’enseigner le français et je vais m’en souvenir longtemps. Merci mille fois !" Bishnu, 2012




Learning French in France

The name of the week-long program that we attended is Parlons en Provence. I discovered it through an internet search. It is probably unique in that it is so small and quite relaxed in atmosphere. The program is run by a wry, helpful French woman named Magali, and she is supported by her wonderful English husband, Colin. 

The emphasis of the teaching is on conversational French, and in the intermediate course we ran through some of the fundamentals of futur prochaine, l'imparfait, pronunciation etc. Magali gauged the class based upon where we all stood.

Fodor's Travel Guides (Homepage Forum)


« Je ne pourrais pas passer une semaine en Provence plus parfaite que chez vous » Anna, 2009


“…Lynne and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you. It was a very rewarding experience. Magali was a very good teacher and I really  appreciated the descriptive method you used in teaching…Thank you very much for such a pleasurable and rewarding week .” John & Lynne, 2009


« J’ai appris beaucoup cette semaine. La langue, la nourriture, la culture, l’histoire et la vie française….. » Sharon, 2008


« Maintenant, je commence... grâce à vous....à avoir une âme Provençale,. »Carl, 2007








Parlons en Provence
Magali Viven
43 Avenue Vincent Van Gogh
13210 Saint Rémy de Provence [France]
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Phone +33 951 43 14 61
Email info[at]parlons-en-provence.com