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Learning in 3 steps

to increase your confidence in French conversation

Lessons of french language

Visits france in french

A typical day : french courses

  • 9.30am - 12.30pm : Class
  • 1.00pm - 2.00pm : 'Conversation' lunch
  • 2.00pm - 4.30pm : Guided visit

> Each week begins with a welcome 'aperitif' on Sunday evening and finishes on Friday after the morning lesson

> On Wednesday there is a typical French 'apéritif dînatoire'.

> More information about Saint Rémy de Provence and accommodation

The Course



The course programme is designed to maximise French conversation while allowing time to relax and enjoy the region. We use a total immersion method based on structured lessons and informal practice during cultural excursions and meals. Courses require a basic knowledge of French and there are two levels : elementary and intermediate. There is a maximum of 4-6 participants in each group and as we only run one course at a time, during meals and activities everybody will have a similar level of French as possible.


1. Classes



Lessons are given by myself, Magali. I have taught around the world over the last 15 years and in Provence since 2002. I will encourage and help you speak French during the course and am alsways available to answer your questions about French language and culture. I graduated university with a degree in English before training as a French teacher, specialising in pronunciation. Before 'Parlons en Provence', I gave total immersion courses for staff at the European Space Agency in Holland and also taught in Japan.

The lessons are structured, but given in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on speaking to help build confidence. Grammatical points are practised using oral exercises and discussions. Special attention is given to the particularities of French pronunciation to help you speak more clearly and understand native speakers more easily in french. Vocabulary is worked on through daily life situations and centered as much as possible on everybodys own experience and interests.


2. Informal practice through guided visits...



The learning experience continues in the afternoon during our guided visits and activities. We have been working with local guides since 2002 and they are always happy to share their time and knowledge with visitors to the region. Visits vary from week to week and include a tour of a château with Vincent and the life of a Provençal poet with Joanna. They provide opportunities to learn more about the Provençal culture and history. The central position of Saint Rémy means that that you won't be spending long hours in the car, but making the most of your visit.


3: 'Conversation' lunches!


Mealtime discussion is an important and enjoyable part of Provençal culture. It is a chance for free conversation and to share your experiences with other people in the group. Lunches are taken together and once a week there is also an 'apéritif dînatoire' on Wednesday evening. Meals taken at the Mas are homemade using ingredients from organic farms and local small-scale producers.




"C'est un bon programme que vous avez dessiné, la combinaison des leçons,des activités et les bons repas vont bien. L'ambiance ici est très sympathique." Brian and Irène (Australia)


"Magali is a wonderful teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Helena (UK)

Lunch of Provence    Wine-tasting dinner Wine-tasting dinner



At this level you can make simple sentences and you have a basic knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. However, using this knowledge when speaking is difficult and you often don't understand what is being said. Insufficient exposure and practice means you frequently pause to search for words. You can make yourself understood in shops and at hotels and can read simple written French, but you have problems participating in a conversation.

The course focuses on :

  • Building up confidence through constant exposure to French
  • Practising talking about yourself, your interests and daily life in the present and past tenses
  • Participating in conversations with French speakers
  • Learning the basics rules of French pronunciation and working on your understanding of French speakers
  • Using more complex sentences



At intermediate level you can participate in everyday conversation and understand what is being said most of the time. You can use your knowledge of grammar to make yourself understood. However, you have difficulty with more complicated structures, idiomatic expressions and the cultural aspects of the language. The things you can only learn by spending time in France.

The course focuses on :

  • Using different levels of formality (familier, courant, poli)
  • Idiomatic expressions and vocabulary linked to cultural aspects of the language
  • Organising your speech to make it more fluent
  • Increasing your knowledge of French grammar
  • Improving your speaking skills using proper pronunciation and intonation
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